Learn about Our History in the Mailbox Business


The Lozano Family has been in the apartment mailbox industry since 1958. I can recall when I was 11-years-old and riding shotgun with my father Abel E. Lozano as he made deliveries to his customers. I remember how proud he was to have his own part-time business. I remember the day he informed me he was able to make $10.00 a day working each Saturday—his day off. I recall the conversation as if it was yesterday. With a big smile on his face he said to me, “Son, do you realize I made enough money today to buy our groceries for the whole week?”

At the moment I was too young to appreciate his message, but I can still see the smile on his face. My father was truly a hardworking man whom I loved dearly. Today I can appreciate all the lessons he gave me from time to time.

To make a long story short, I am a graduate of the University of Houston. I also attended graduate school at Sam Houston State University and the University of Houston. I was a coach for a Texas high school in the early 1970’s and by the mid 1970’s I had been recruited by Southwestern Bell when AT&T owned everything.

While employed at Bell Systems and AT&T, I attended some of the best schools in the nation. This gave me a real sound foundation in developing my managerial skills and business savvy. Afterwards, my father and I became business partners. His work ethic still lingers in my body and soul. In 1994, I established American Eagle Mailbox Mfg. Corp. I then received approval from the United States Post Master General to begin manufacturing my own product. Ten years later, I served on a special committee for the United States Post Master General. The committee was responsible for creating all the new specifications and regulations we are following today related to commercial and multi-family mailbox receptacles.

I have been very successful providing the apartment industry with high quality 4B-Plus Horizontal Mailboxes. Our mailboxes come with 4-keys per tenant unit and in most cases; a lot of the components we make are thicker and stronger than our competition. Our lead-time is one of the best in the industry and we engrave the tenant doors at no extra cost to our customers.

I am able to provide our customers with a wide variety of services. We are capable of repairing mailboxes, building new kiosks and installing all types of new mailboxes including the Pedestal type. I also represent most mailbox manufacturers in the United States and I can complete repairs that other venders are incapable of handling because I have the ability to manufacture most of the components.

I have been manufacturing my own line of mailbox locks for over 30 years. I enjoy and take pride in providing my customers with the best product I can possibly produce for them. So thank your lucky stars that there is a Texan who is manufacturing high quality mailboxes for you and his name is CAPTAIN ABEL B. LOZANO.

I can now say that my main purpose for staying in business is no longer the money. I provide a great product and deliver it with pride. You can contact any of my previous customers. I am confident they will back me up 100%.